Our mission

We aim to offer a novel and eco-friendly source of protein that promotes a prolonged, healthy, and joyful existence while also decreasing our ecological impact and safeguarding our planet.

We have a deep regard for both our cherished animal companions and the natural environment.

Our story

The journey of Nature's HUG™ started with a vision - a vision of a brighter future for our pets and our industry, but above all, for our children, future generations, and the earth we all share.

The idea of creating an optimal sustainable diet

The global pandemic that has affected so many of us has highlighted the critical need to improve our consumption habits and reduce our carbon footprint to protect our vulnerable ecosystems.

This realization has spurred the idea of developing an ideal, sustainable diet for cats and dogs. Our objective is to use top-quality, locally sourced ingredients, along with alternative, environmentally friendly proteins, to create highly nutritious and well-balanced recipes suitable for all breeds of cats and dogs.

At the centre of our preoccupations

At Nature's HUG™, we prioritize several factors to ensure the health and happiness of our beloved pets. These include the quality of our ingredients, the nutritional value of our recipes, and the use of sustainable and optimal alternative proteins that have lower greenhouse gas emissions compared to traditional animal proteins.

Our recipes also incorporate functional items and superfoods, with the perfect assimilation levels for both dogs and cats to provide absolute energy and vitality. Additionally, we ensure the highest level of palatability to satisfy even the most finicky pets.

By combining all of these elements and more, we provide your pet with an ultra-premium, sustainable diet that promotes a long, healthy, and happy life while preserving our planet. With Nature's HUG™, you no longer have to choose between optimal animal nutrition and sustainable choices. We combine both for you and your pets!

Our team

Our team consists of enthusiastic, skilled, and committed individuals who share a common vision and purpose. As pet owners ourselves, we recognize the significance of providing our furry friends with a nutritious diet and a happy existence, as they are an integral part of our families.

Our team strives tirelessly every day to cultivate and foster beneficial and informative connections with our clients, partners, customers, and the wider community.


N = Nurturing
A = Affection
T = Trust
U = Understanding
R = Respect
E = Empathy
S = Sustainability
H = Health
U = Unity
G = Gratitude