Our mission

Provide an innovative and sustainable alternative proteins diet for a long, healthy and happy life, while reducing carbon footprint and preserving our planet.

We care about our beloved furry friends as well as Mother Earth!

Our story

Nature’s HUG™ adventure began with a vision. A vision of a better tomorrow for our pets, our industry, but also, and most importantly, for our kids, future generations, and mother earth herself!

The idea of creating an optimal sustainable diet

The unfortunate worldwide pandemic was an eye opener to many of us, on the importance of improving our ways and consumption habits by trying to reduce our overall carbon footprint, and help preserve our frail ecosystems.

Thus, the idea of creating an optimal sustainable diet for both cats and dogs.  The goal being to use locally sourced, fresh grade ‘’A’’ ingredients, combined with alternative eco-friendly proteins, in formulating highly nutritious and perfectly balanced recipes for all breeds of dogs and cats.

At the centre of our preoccupations

The health and wellbeing of our beloved pets;

The intrinsic quality of our ingredients;

The nutritional values of our recipes;

The use of sustainable and optimal alternative proteins, producing lower GHG emissions than traditional animal proteins;

The inclusion of several functional items and superfoods;

The perfect assimilation levels for both dogs & cats, for absolute energy and vitality;

The highest palatability level to satisfy even the finickiest pet.

Nature’s HUG™ combines all of these and more!  The result is providing your pet with an ultra-premium, sustainable diet for a long, healthy, and happy life while preserving our planet!

You don’t have to compromise anymore between optimal animal nutrition and sustainable choices. Nature’s HUG™ is combining both for you, and your pets!

Our team

A group of passionate, expert and dedicated people driven by common goals and aspirations.

Being pet parents ourselves, we understand the importance of providing a healthy diet and joyous life to our little companions, as they’re basically part of our family!

Our team members work hard every day to build and nourish mutually fruitful and enlightening relationships with our clients, partners, customers and community.