It's about respect, sustainability and well-being!

As the world's population is projected to reach 11 billion by 2050, it is imperative that we establish more sustainable food systems to avoid inflicting severe harm on the environment. Pet owners, in particular, are becoming increasingly conscious of the need for sustainable pet food options that do not include animal protein.

They also demand that these alternatives provide the same level of nutritional value without any detrimental impact on their pets or the environment.

Healthy and "SUSTAINABLE" solution

Nature's HUG™ has formulated recipes that cater to cats and dogs of all breeds and ages, with an unwavering commitment to sustainable development principles. Our recipes include a protein source known as Protein NH+, which exhibits properties akin to those of animal protein, thereby ensuring optimal nutritional value in our formulas.

Process for producing the protein NH+

Our Protein NH+ is produced through a fermentation process that we know has numerous health benefits. This is precisely why we have incorporated it into our recipes. Our alternative yeast protein undergoes fermentation, growth, and harvesting in under 24 hours, resulting in a nutritionally complete product that is comparable to animal protein.

Unlike raising livestock for over a year, which requires large amounts of water, land, and feed, our protein is grown in a fermenter in a short amount of time. This means that we use fewer natural resources to produce it, resulting in fewer GHG emissions than traditional animal production methods.

GHG emissions

As shown, feeding a 40 lbs. dog throughout its entire lifetime emits as much GHG as a car that has traveled for several kilometers, depending on the type of traditional or raw food.

CO² emission per animal protein

The following graph illustrates the greenhouse gas emissions (in grams) generated by the production of one kilo of each type of protein.

Traditional meat production requires far more natural resources than our protein NH+

Feeding your pet Nature's HUG™ will significantly reduce your carbon footprint and will have a tremendous impact on the environment in a positive way!