Protein NH+


The protein NH+ is an alternative protein with an amino acid profile equivalent to the animal protein, without being meat.

It provides exceptional nutritional quality! It is low in fat, very low in calories, and high in fiber.

It offers a great advantage for our pets and our ecosystem since it generates less GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions than animal proteins.

It's the perfect protein!


The protein is essential to the health of your pet's fur, skin, muscles, bones, and the construction and repair of tissues.

The protein NH+ is one of the most complete proteins. Moreover, it has the benefit of naturally containing vitamin B12. It contributes to the growth, energy, and nervous balance of your pet.

A high-quality protein for better digestion!

Formulated specifically for pets, the protein NH+ is an excellent source of digestible amino acids.

Recent studies have shown that a diet based on protein NH+ provides a level of digestibility similar to or better than a diet based on traditional animal proteins.

Let's treat our lovely companions!

They deserve it!

Cats and dogs have shown a significant preference for food containing the protein NH+

The observed benefits relate to palatability, digestibility, pH, urine, and overall health.

Your pet will reach his satiety level faster, so he can maintain a healthy weight!

Shouldn't our pets' meals be a real treat for their fragile stomachs?

Bon Appétit!


Our nutritionists understood the importance of scent and taste in pet food.

That's why we have developed recipes that will satisfy even the pickiest of cats and dogs.

A great time to enjoy!

Biotics and OPTI BIOM technology

Vitality and well-being!

We have integrated into our formula PRE- PRO - POST biotics. The microbiome is a delicate system of "good" and "bad" microorganisms. They work together to maintain your pet's health. If the balance is disrupted, he may suffer.

The "Biotics" work effectively for a strong immune system, optimal digestion, metabolic balance, stress management.

OPTI-BIOM is the micro-encapsulation technology that allows distributing the "Biotics" (micro-organisms) to the right places in your pet's body.

DENTA + Vitamin C

Good dental health!

The abrasive action (mechanical brushing of the teeth) activated by Nature's HUG™ kibbles and the addition of vitamin C improve the oral condition of your pet.


Animal pride!

Prohair's formula makes your pet's coat much softer, shinier, and healthier.

Ingredients like sunflower oil, flax seed oil, Omega 3-6, and zinc are highly effective in solving skin problems and keeping your in good condition!

OPTI BONE Anti-inflammatory

Strong on their paws!

Our formula contains kale, turmeric, calcium, and vitamin D. These ingredients act as anti-inflammatories and help maintain a good bone structure.


Joint mobility!

The Omega 3 fatty acids and fruits contained in our formulas are powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatories.

These ingredients support joint mobility and movement flexibility.


Throw them out!

Your pet spends a good part of its life grooming itself. As a result, a large amount of hair can end up in the digestive tract and cause constipation and vomiting, and even severe health problems.

Miscanthus, apple pomace, and other fiber-rich sources reduce the formation of hairballs and facilitate intestinal transit

Grain-Free Recipes

Science says...

All Nature's HUG™ recipes for cats and dogs are made grain-free.

HYPOALLERGENIC: "Grain-free" diets for dogs and cats offer great benefits. Your pet may be intolerant or allergic to some of the ingredients in the standard food.

Beef, chicken, fish, certain dairy products and
grains such as wheat, corn, and soy can cause allergic reactions.

These reactions usually result in skin or digestive problems.

Our grain-free and animal protein-free formulas significantly reduce the risk of allergies.

STOOLS: Being grain-free, your cat or dog has less food to digest, which requires much less energy. Their stools will become more regular.

The grains in standard pet foods usually contain a lot of fiber that is difficult for your pet to digest.

GMO-Free Recipes

The best of food!

All of our recipes are GMO-Free and offer many health benefits for your pet.

They are chemical-free and made of natural foods. Your pet gets superior nutritional quality. It is also a better protection for the ecosystem.

Locally sourced and "A" Graded

Nature's HUG uses natural grade "A" ingredients. Most of our ingredients are sourced from regional producers, farmers, and suppliers.

We are proud to support our local economy and community. In addition, by sourcing locally, we further reduce our carbon footprint.

Our production facility is located in Ontario, Canada. The head office is located in Saint-Ferdinand, between Quebec City and Montreal, Quebec.

Order a sample and get more!


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